Please take a few minutes to really read the details of this offering.

Go to http://www.amazingatlas.com

Mr. Hane has only a few session times left, book now by going to his website and calling him directly.  Mention you were referred by Holdon Less Therapy.

The obstacle to freedom is your attitude, your ego, what you identify as your past achievements and how these past achievements prevent you from learning or evolving in the present.   Does he fail to take the consequences of not honoring the holistic self, mind, spirit, body, emotions, choices of thought, choices of words.

…self-conceit makes him undertake, is not uncommon; but it is very uncommon to find so little manhood as not only to shrink from the responsibility of the failure when it come, but the baseness to attempt screening himself by falsely charging it upon the well-won reputations of others.  March 2, 1865, BF Isherwood.

“The highest of states is the state of seva (selfless service offered to the divine). The spirit of seva is in-built into every insight, realization, mystical experience and Mukti (liberation, freedom). It is the spirit that drives you to share with the world what has been given to you.” – Amma

The Oneness University is the antithesis of a sustainable organization.   Considering my advocacy for Permaculture design inspired buildings and community.   I honor and respect and give gratitude to it’s founders and followers.   The  message and process would be a step in the right direction for you if you seek to purge your conditioned self.  If you wish to skip travelling to India I can do for you in a few hours what would take you 6 months in India with the Oneness U.   Sparing you aswell a parasite from their kitchen hall food.



In Loving Service with Gratitude,
Blessings of Joy, Love and Oneness


Shamanic Journeying

…. works for some…. discover your power animal (s) /  power angel  (s) ,  bring their awareness into your consciousness,  as of now they are there for you, yet you have not invited them into your current lifetime.

This is a fun and interesting adventure for those of you who have a love for native drumming, crystals, chanting, smudging.  Please come with a creative enthusiasm.  Not for those of you who are deep in a rut.


West Village loft location


email me for RSVP: holdonless@gmail.com

” In healing, nothing must be used that relieves the patient of their own responsibilities”

Theresa Maurer’s dicta

Life after soul retrieval: see Sandra Ingerman’s website.


SHAMAnic HEALING CIRCLE – 15th or so, of every month

West Village loft location.

Read following and then feel free to call myself or one of the other healers listed at the end of this statement. Over the past year our Shamanic healing circle, a monthly gathering, where seekers from various faiths, or no faith, have come to see what can happen.

Make an appointment with us for the Sunday afternoon between 3-6pm. Be open, and see what comes to the surface.

Shamanic healings will be performed by a team of shamanic practitioners using different modalities who will journey for you to the sound of the drumbeat. We will find out what needs to be done in order to heal you and strengthen your Energy field.

We are a donation based service.

Shamanic definitions

A range of healing practices from native societies all over the globe which take place through communication with the spirit world. The work is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits which affect the lives of the living. Shamans operate outside established religions and people of any faith are welcome to join us

As a form of respect, we like to reserve the term “Shaman” only for our practitioners and teachers from native societies. We coined this word to describe a serious shamanic therapist who is drawing from various native healing practices combined with his or hers own healing talents.

The shaman journeys to the drumbeat in order meet up with their power animal and spirit guides. Following a brief diagnostic journey, the shaman can then remove negative entities (jinns) interfering with your Aura, energy field. In other words what is referred to as dead energy or bad vibes are negative entities which have hooked onto your soul, dragging down your mood, your thoughts, cascading into your actions. They fuel the dark voices in your thoughts. The voices that justify lapses in Will, self-restraint, ethics, in integrity, in your moral codes of conduct.

A simple healing journey (1/2 hour to two hours depending on you) to find your lost soul parts and bring them back to you.
Soul parts can wander off during and just before a trauma, abuse, a car accident, a surgery, a bad breakup, habitual anger, habitual avoidance of your true self.
We can bring them back to you, and you will later be responsible for deciding how to incorporate them into your life

You have one already. Let’s go find it and put it to work protecting you, and guiding you on your life Path. Let’s turn your life path into a Scared, focused, path in true alignment with your life’s purpose. Your power animal, a Universal timeless spirit, embodying Unconditional Love and a symbol of your powers, is your guardian angel. He / she is there for you when your are ready to reconnect. In this lifetime, it is one of your tasks, to reconnect with that inherited soul.

Thank your for your time and consideration.   love and blessings.

9 Responses to “treating the being not the “disease””

  1. jeffrey said

    sorry i missed the power animal workshop. please let me know if there are more in the future.

  2. Preston said

    Love your web site and the outlook of your practice. I have been doing Yoga for a while but have reached an impasse. Also really like accupunture and acupressure so would like to find a time to get together soon.

  3. Ian Levy said

    “We are star stuff” and “a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

    All the atoms on earth and in our bodies came from supernova that blew up over 5 billion years ago.
    Aren’t we all just walking, talking stardust — this cosmos become AWAKE and looking back at itself? — and aren’t we intimately connected to it all?

    We are this wonder called life become AWAKE
    — enjoy the dance.

    And ultimately there’s nothing that separates us from others in this grand mystery. Please be kind

  4. Cialis said

    DqWpQx Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  5. stephen said

    Very impressive web-site indeed. Very refreshing to across content that it is well thought out and relevant to the problems that one encounters living in this complex and crazy world. Blessings for all that you do for humanity.

  6. greg said

    any suggestions on safe food containers for lunches?
    I can’t find a reasonable container. Eco stores sell the Asian inspired style stainless steel ones for over $45 each! What a rip.


  7. greg said

    thought you’d appreciate this Hold on TU Less MAN!

    350 Acts of change!


  8. Susan said

    Nice meeting you yesterday, Neil. The name of the meditation center my daughter is going to is Mahasi Meditation Centre in Rangoon. Would love your thoughts on it.

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